W. Brown Creative Partners Testimonials

Read some of our testimonials below that our extremely satisfied clients wrote for our firm. WBCP focus is to exceed our client's expectations and deliver a service that is second to none.

“Wendi, I want to thank you for the superb job you are doing. Not only did you speak with me about the job, you also gave me many other suggestions for other comparable positions even though you would not gain from it. This speaks volumes about your character and regard for your clients and applicants. Thank you for all your help.”

Bill (applicant), County Health and Human Services Director, WI

“Wendi Brown and the WCBP team have provided our agency with high quality communications collateral materials. With every product that we have distributed to our stake holders and community members, we have received glowing feedback with regard to the layout and overall finished product. In addition, Wendi Brown and the WCBP team are the consummate professionals and ensure a smooth process regardless of size of the project. I wholeheartedly recommend WCBP for communications and marketing needs!”

Cynthia Alvarez, Support Services, First 5 San Mateo County, CA

I wholeheartedly recommend WBCP as a consultant. Wendi Brown and her staff possesses the very rare skill of being able to communicate ideas and their associated benefits effectively; more simply put, when you work with WBCP, you get results!

First 5 San Mateo county has worked with WBCP for over six years on numerous projects including: concept and design development, copy development and editing and translation services; each project resulted in a successful collaboration with deliverables of the highest quality.

Wendi Brown personally manages each project from inception to completion ensuring that projects are completed on time are cost effective and deliverables are of superior quality.

Organizations that value honesty, dedication and expect superior results won’t be disappointed with WBCP Consulting Services!

Chonne Sherman, Communications Liaison, First 5 San Mateo County, CA

“I have worked with WBCP and Wendi Brown to fill our vacancy for Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer which is a key strategic role in our national nonprofit, Futures Without Violence, one of the world’s leading violence prevention agencies.

WBCP’s team came highly recommended and I was impressed by the professionalism, quality of candidates and the outcome exceeded our expectations.  I will use WBCP again and highly recommend WBCP to my colleagues and other philanthropic organizations who are in need of a results oriented and professional search firm.”

Esta Soler, President, Futures Without Violence, CA (formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund)

“The City of Grants Pass had a very positive, rewarding experience working with Wendi Brown on our recruitment for a Community Development Director.  We received many positive comments from parties involved in the process on her professionalism, thoroughness and ability to put everyone at ease.  We had one of our most successful hires who is still a highly contributing member of our staff.”

Karin Lange, Human Resources Director, City of Grants Pass, OR

“I have used the recruitment services of W. Brown Creative Partners (WBCP) several times over a period of years and have enthusiastically referred her to others.  Over my 30 year career in executive positions in health care and health philanthropy, I have had the occasion to use many, many recruitment firms – large and small – and have never experienced the success offered by Wendi.

Wendi embodies a special combination of directness, common sense and efficiency coupled with creative flair that makes her a joy to work with and a great success in life and business. She offers detailed and thorough research and is tireless about ensuring that all details are accomplished with perfection. It takes great skill, intuition and common sense to successfully recruit and place staff in varied kinds of organizations. Because Wendi listens well, is attentive to what each organization needs, very smart and very responsible, I have seen wonderful results.”

Laura Hogan, Consultant, CA Former Vice President of Program for The California Endowment, CA

“Wendi has worked as an Executive Recruiter spearheading a number of difficult recruitments, with great results. She also conducted training for our recruiters that was informative and much needed. Wendi has a wealth of information and is eager to share her resources and expertise.”

Melissa Grisales Assistant Human Resources Director, County of Santa Barbara, CA Member of Board of Directors, International Hispanic Network (IHN)

“The County of Santa Barbara has worked successfully with W. Brown Creative Partners since 2005 in a variety of capacities, but most frequently to lead high-profile recruitments or those for hard-to-fill positions.  Wendi Brown listens to the needs of her customers, tailors recruitments to best meet those needs, and attracts quality candidates into the process.

In addition, she understands public sector recruiting requirements and tailors creative solutions within those confines.  Throughout each recruitment, Wendi keeps her customers informed and keeps candidates engaged.  Many department heads request Wendi’s services and provide consistently positive feedback about their experience working with her.

We have successfully used WBCP to find excellent candidates for our hard-to-fill and executive management positions. The flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness of WBCP’s staff have helped us find the ideal people to fill these important vacancies.”

 Jeri Muth, CEO/Human Resources, County of Santa Barbara, CA

“I have been working with Wendi for the past two years as a consultant for human services executives. It is one of my passions and what makes it most rewarding is that it is also a passion with Wendi. She pays attention to both vision and detail – a rare combination in the business.

Her highest compliments come from satisfied customers, many of whom I personally know. They tell me that she is a person of creativity, integrity and innovation and they will use her for a long time. Personally she is my most highly regarded mentor in human resources I expect to enjoy a working relationship with her for the rest of my professional career.”

James Rydingsword, Director at San Benito County Health and Human Service Agency, CA

“I have been hiring and managing people for over 35 years (most of it in high tech in Silicon Valley) and Wendi Brown is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with!

Wendi took on a huge and extremely difficult recruitment for us with a very limited national pool of qualified applicants. Her results were amazing—she is tenacious, professional, and insightful.”

Wendi Brown is excellent at communicating and listening—she makes sure that she understands all the essential job requirements and company preferences before she brings qualified applicants to us who can both do the job as well as fit within our culture. Her results are amazing.”

Dianne Gee, Human Resources and IT Manager, Dogs for the Deaf, OR

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wendi Brown and the WBCP team on various projects over the past few years. One project that I would highlight in particular was the Spanish translation of an educational curriculum as a component of our awarded grant. After a competitive bid process, Wendi was able to provide that delicate balance of offering a full spectrum of translation services in a very cost effective manner.

The translation process for the curriculum entailed communication between me, as our agency point of contact, and the translation service provided through WBCP. Wendi smoothly facilitated the process to which not only did we meet our production deadline for the project, but stayed well within budget. I highly recommend Wendi Brown for her full spectrum of translation services!”

Cynthia Alvarez, Support Services, First 5 San Mateo County, CA

“Napa County recently had an exceptional experience working with Wendi Brown and WBCP recruiting a new Health and Human Services Agency Director.  This is a critical position in the County and Wendi provided outstanding support in recruiting for this position.

She was thorough, taking care of every detail, and also did an outstanding job identifying top candidates in the field to bring to the County for consideration.  With Wendi’s help we were able to find an excellent candidate for this critical vacancy.”

 Suzanne Mason, Director of Human Resources, Napa County, CA

“I first met Wendi Brown when I was a candidate for my current position, Director of Planning and Development for the County of Santa Barbara, California. After initial discussions she felt I was a very strong candidate for the position.

Wendi’s priority was to find the best candidates for the position and  ensure that application materials were an accurate reflection of the skills and experience that made the candidate a good fit for the organization. Subsequently, I have employed W. Brown Creative Partners for a number of management position searches in my Department, all of which have been successful.”

Glenn S. Russell, PhD., RPA, Director, Planning and Development County of Santa Barbara, CA

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