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WBCP is your solution to your communications and strategic business needs. WBCP provides excellence in customer service and strives to exceed our client’s expectations.

We have a network of seasoned professionals from multiple industries and backgrounds, and many of our consultants have cross functional experience across industries and professions: marketing and communications, cultural marketing, graphic design, acquisitions, union relations, health and human services, human resources, organizational development, etc.

We customize a WBCP consultant dream team to fit our client’s unique industry, challenge and project. We provide business leaders with big picture business solutions and detailed analytical support as needed. You can trust WBCP to manage your projects appropriately, as we bring years of successful experience working with client stakeholders, elected officials, unions, employees and community constituents.

Visit “Our Work” section to see communication projects we have developed (e.g., First 5 Regional, First 5 San Mateo communication campaigns, etc.). Strategic business projects our consultants have supported include:

  • Revise job descriptions – a publicly traded global company (current engagement)
  • Revised Countywide selection rules – County of Orange, California
  • Executed a communications campaign for the rollout of a restructured annual employee evaluation/review process and performance incentive programs – County of Orange, California
  • Worked with board of directors in development of compensation and incentive plans, domestic and international (built and managed an incentive program for operating units) – Consolidated Graphics
  • Developed, communicated and managed complex benefit plans, including defined contribution and benefits retirement plans, profit sharing plans, 401k plans, medical, dental and other insurance plans – Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Consolidated Graphics
  • Guided leadership teams in the development of 3 – 5 year strategic plans – CDS Publications, Raytheon Semiconductor, Hearts with a Mission, Corporate Parts Distribution Center, a division of Hewlett-Packard
  • Implemented a train-the-trainer and organizational wide training program to train 17,000 employees within a 12 month period – County of Orange, California
  • Leadership and other development training programs – Hewlett-Packard, County of Santa Barbara, U.S. Coast Guard, Raytheon Semiconductor, County of Orange, California, Power TV, Scientific Atlanta
  • Implemented 360 evaluation system for mid-level management – County of Orange, California

Contact WBCP Today to assist with your organizational or project needs. We strive to always exceed an organization’s expectations and deliver both products and services individually tailored to your organization’s needs.

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