Listed below are many of the capabilities that W. Brown Creative Partners brings to their clients projects; executive search, communications and strategy, and leadership training.

WBCP Executive Search:

  • Recruit and fill executive, management, and hard-to-fill positions in public sector and nonprofit organizations
  • Ability to work in multiple industries
  • Connect the best talent to the right position and organization
  • Provide customized and innovative talent management strategies
  • Improve your employer of choice brand


WBCP Communication & Strategy:

  • Provide in depth communication and strategy services
  • Craft innovative marketing solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs
  • Strengthen your corporate identity
  • Craft, strengthen and communicate your brand message across multiple platforms
  • Ensure meaningful and lasting connections with your customers


WBCP Leadership Training:

  • Work with municipalities and nonprofit organizations to maximize human capital by aligning individual, team and organizational efforts with strategies
  • Use key performance indicators to measure success
  • Align organizational and departmental strategies, synchronize cross-functional plans and execute successful action plans
  • Provide 360 leadership assessments
  • Design customized training modules to meet organizational needs
  • Offer “real time” executive coaching services to advance individual professional careers and improve performance
  • Assist organizations with creating and articulating their vision
  • Align, motivate and empower individuals and teams while building innovative business strategies


WBCP Job Board:

Click the above link to see both past and current job openings.


Clients count on WBCP to provide world-class customer service and excellent business results with a personal touch. 


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